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Mucus and Scelerals

Posted: Mon 10 Sep 2018 7:53 am
by gsward
One of the side effects of using sceleral lenses can be a build up of mucus under the lens, often floating in the saline.

What strategies have you found for dealing with it?
How many times a day do you need to clean and re-insert your lenses?
Is one eye worse than the other?
What do you clean your lenses with?
Which saline product do you use for filling?

I have a suspicion in my case that when this happens excessively it is s sign there is something not quite right, the fit might need adjusting.


Re: Mucus and Scelerals

Posted: Wed 12 Sep 2018 9:27 pm
by rum2
scleral lenses with toric heptics improves/eliminates the problem. also using non preservative peroxide solution is better

Re: Mucus and Scelerals

Posted: Thu 20 Sep 2018 8:56 am
by peter-p
This happens to me for no apparent rhyme or reason. The situation got very bad in the late summer three years ago - I was cleaning my lenses three or four times a day. My consultant suggested 'hay fever', which I have never suffered from in my life (I'm 70 and have worn sclerals for 18 years). Yet this summer, no mucus problems at all, except my eyes got very dry and sore.