Scelerals lenses and grit

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Scelerals lenses and grit

Postby al69 » Tue 31 Jul 2018 7:50 pm

After getting fitted for mini scelerals I'm now on my 2nd fitting. I recently was diagnosed as having myobium gland dysfunction /dry eyes which explains why my previous ego lenses were getting unbearable.

The problem I'm encountering now is pieces of grit or dust in my eyes getting behind the scelerals. We are having building work done and at work it can be dusty too. I've tried flushing my eyes with saline direct from the bottle and also using an eye bath before fitting them but with limited results. I feel the only time my eyes feel truly clean is after going swimming.

This morning I put my lenses in but had to remove one within an hour as it felt like grit was behind it. My eye was sore after removal so it seems it was a bit of grit.

Is this a common issue or am i in just about the worst possible senario, perfect storm, with dry eyes,a house extention and new lenses ?

I've discovered rtelac rebalance eye drops and found them very good for the dry eyes if it helps anyone else.

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