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To CXL or not to CXL

Posted: Wed 13 Dec 2017 5:07 pm
by Douglas Shaw
I got CXL in my left eye in June, all very suddenly after I went for my first pentoxam which showed my cornea only just still thick enough to perform the op.

I am scheduled to do my right eye privately in January, something which I am very apprehensive about.

My left eye vision is so bad that if I close the right I am essentially partially sighted.

I am self employed and I’m worried that the operation could risk rendering me permanently visually impaired and unable to work or drive!

My right eye is so good that I can still legally drive unaided without glasses or contact in it and with my scleral lens in the left I have good vision. I’m 27 sontechnically I should be coming out of progression from what i understand anyway.

Its difficult to talk to my family about this as they all have perfect vision and my sister still doesn’t understand why glasses won’t work!!! So I really appreciate your advice.

Understand that I may sound irrational, my surgeon basically told me CXL saved my left eye from a graft but I seem to be getting the jitters the second time round!

Advice appreciated.