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Intacs surgery double vision

Posted: Tue 12 Dec 2017 4:43 pm
by ramram292
hi hope some one can help. Had intacs fitted in my left eye about 5 weeks soon as I could open my eye I had double vision and issues with any form of light. I first noticed the light issue while looking at the red dot of a lazar pointer which my cat chases. Rather than a red dot it looks like a gets bigger the farther i get from it.If I look at car headlights its the same, the light forms a huge arrow like shape pointing down. Also have double vision that also gets worse the further I get away from the object. Also cant say my vision has improved. All I keep hearing is give it time it MAY improve. Not to keen on the word MAY. Can anyone give me any advice if this will improve or should I get the intacs removed. Can I please have some help with my worries. Its driving me mad.