Urgent advice required please

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Urgent advice required please

Postby Cooperj » Fri 10 Nov 2017 5:39 pm

My son has been diagnosed with Keratoconus today and we have been referred urgently to a specialist. Our appointment probably won’t. One through for a couple of weeks and wondered if anybody out there could help with a query we have. He was violently assaulted August 2016 (punched and kicked repeatedly in the eye and head to the point that he lost conciousness. Within around 5/6 months he noticed problems with his vision and we’ve been undergoing a series of tests/examinations for around 6 months culminating in his diagnosis today. Does anybody know if this could be the cause? We are struggling to find out and the consultant we saw today was very non-committal.

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Anne Klepacz
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Re: Urgent advice required please

Postby Anne Klepacz » Sat 11 Nov 2017 4:25 pm

This question has been asked before here, quite a few years ago now.
http://www.keratoconus-group.org.uk/for ... php?t=1451
But there doesn't seem to be any research into the topic or any hard evidence. So it's possible there is a connection, but it might be hard to prove which could be why the consultant was non-committal. It would certainly be worth asking again when your son sees the specialist.
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