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ghosting/halos/starbursts increasing despite crosslinking

Posted: Mon 06 Nov 2017 8:37 pm
by martincxl
Hey people, i’m looking for some information bout my case.

I’ve got diagnosed with KC at the end of 2016. My left eye has been treated with epi-off crosslinking (CXL), right one with epi-on. It’s been 13 months for left eye and 3 months for right eye.

Despite been treated with CXL and confirmation from doctors that topography, pachymetry and corrected vision (wearing glasses) is stable, my aberrations and ghosting are rapidly improving. Doctors aren’t saying anything specific (they seem not to know the case) and this became really stressful to me.

Has anyone had to do with similliar case? Changing aberrations and ghosting after CXL? Every piece of information is valuable, thank you!

Re: ghosting/halos/starbursts increasing despite crosslinking

Posted: Thu 01 Mar 2018 11:05 pm
by Kaylzs
Hey MartinCxl

How did you get on with your vision - had it improved in the last three months?