Any way to reduce halos when driving?

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Any way to reduce halos when driving?

Postby davidw » Mon 09 Oct 2017 10:34 am

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with KC in about 2009 when I was 20. Prior to that I'd worn regular specs for at least 6 years for a "regular" astigmatism, but with the prescription getting stronger each year. I've worn Kerasoft IC lenses for the last 4 years, and other variants of the Kerasoft lenses before that. I had CXL on my right eye -- my worst eye -- in 2011 with David Jory in London, and that appears to have been successful.

As the nights are drawing in, I'm reminded of a problem I experience every year: the halos and streaking I get around headlights when driving at night. I avoid driving at night wherever possible, but as it'll soon be dark by 4 o'clock this won't be a practical approach for the next few months. I'm sure the halos get worse every year, although it could be my tolerance!

Is there any correction method or treatment available that could reduce these effects? Would Intacs make a difference to this? I saw the post in the FAQ board about riding in higher vehicles, but that doesn't seem to help.



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Re: Any way to reduce halos when driving?

Postby Anne Klepacz » Fri 13 Oct 2017 10:26 am

Hi David,

If you put 'night driving' in the search for this forum, you might find some other ideas.
I don't drive any more, but a lot of us find this a real problem.

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