Any new lenses on the market?

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Any new lenses on the market?

Postby ilianandreev » Wed 20 Sep 2017 2:51 pm

Hello guys,

I'm struggling with KC for a long time now - one eye is transplanted cornea and other eye is midlle stage keratoconus - both eyes have crosslinking, I tried to use rigid contact lenses to correct my eyesight but they move too much and are too uncomfortable. I also tried hybrid lenses for one eye (Kerasoft), the vision is good but the lens moves too much and I cannot wear it. Do you have any suggestions how I can improve my vision? I live in Bulgaria. Also I want to ask if you guys have issues with your daily jobs if they involve computer use all-day long?

Best Regards,
Ilian Andreev

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Lia Williams
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Re: Any new lenses on the market?

Postby Lia Williams » Sun 24 Sep 2017 10:19 am

Hi Ilian,

There are lots of different lenses for KC on the market, different lenses suit different people, and sometimes it is difficult to find the best lens for oneself. Sometimes all that it is needed is a tweak to the prescription. One of the most frustrating things with keratoconus contact lens fitting is that it takes time and that it is not unusual to try several lenses before the best compromise is reached.

Most people with KC get their best vision with a rigid lens, such as corneal RGPs or scleral lenses. The Kerasoft lens is a specialist soft lens which was developed specifically for keratoconus and some people find it more comfortable, and can get more wearing time than with an RGP. As with any lens for KC some people have better vision with the Kerasoft lens others with an RGP.

Hybrid lenses (a soft skirt around the edge and a rigid centre) have been designed to have the comfort advantages with acuity of a rigid lens.

Alternatively an RGP can be piggy backed with a soft lens underneath. This means that one gets the vision of a rigid lens but the comfort of a soft lens. There was some reluctance to prescribe piggy back lenses a few years ago as wearing two lenses in each eye reduce the amount of oxygen that the cornea gets, however with modern materials this is less of an issue. I have been wearing piggyback lenses for the last few years and it works well.

Another type of lens that has been developed is the corneo-scleral or semi-scleral lens. These lenses are designed to distribute pressure across the cornea and scleral so that they, like the hybrid lenses, give the visual performance of an RGP lenses with comfort of a soft lens.


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