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Keralink Research Study - Son (16) part of it

Posted: Tue 29 Aug 2017 7:37 pm
by rosa10
Hi All

I recently posted that my son had just been diagnosed (in July 2017). I thought I would post that he has now become part of the Keralink research study at Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital. He has been randomised into the control group which means he won't have the operation (cross linking) but will instead be monitored every 3 months and will see how he gets on with lenses and glasses. However, I understand that if his condition deteriorates significantly we can have the operation if necessary/after discussion with the consultant. We can leave the trial at any time (not that we'd want to as he's going to be very well monitored). My son is happy with this outcome. I have been very impressed so far with the care and attention that he has received.
Just thought I would post this in case anyone is in a similar situation as I was in and wants to get in touch.