Anyone every had a Hybrid lens used on a post graft eye ?

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Richard In Wales
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Anyone every had a Hybrid lens used on a post graft eye ?

Postby Richard In Wales » Thu 12 Jan 2017 4:02 pm

Trying to get a lens thats a nice fit anyone used these , Had the graft 11 years ago but getting rocking with a RPG now and these have been mentioned Visit My last graft Blog Site

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Re: Anyone every had a Hybrid lens used on a post graft eye ?

Postby Graham222 » Mon 06 Mar 2017 2:52 pm

Hi Richard

I have KC in both eyes, full grafts in both eyes for approx 32 years. back in 2011 (approx) i tried synergeyes hybrid lenses. At that time several patients of my optician including myself had graft rejection problems, weather this was coincidence or it was the lenses remains speculative. I think it was the hybrids. The rejection phase in my case was stopped by steroid treatment and my graft recovered fully but only after many months. An alternative to hybrids may be GP Scleral lenses, I tried these for a short period but eventually gave up on contact lenses because I was afraid of rejection in the eye with which I have best vision and I can see reasonably well with spectacles. I made a couple of posts about hybrids at the time check out the forum posts for that year 2011. Also re lens there are proprietary drops you can insert prior to lens insertion which make lenses easier to wear cant remember name of drops I used so long ago but would advise using version(s) in minims form which are largely preservative free. I would google "contact lens comfort" I am on this forum again as going in for full graft replacement in my right eye tomorrow as I am very reliant on my left eye.
Hope this is of help


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