Flickering when reading text (most likely just visual snow)

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Flickering when reading text (most likely just visual snow)

Postby Jjoe » Tue 17 May 2016 5:03 pm

Does anyone constnatly get flickering whenever they are reading? For example, on a white letter with black text, on the white parts and especailly between the words there will be a noticably large amount of flickering. It's very irritating and makes reading more difficult.

I think it's most likely just another effect of visual snow, or maybe mild afterimages from moving my eyes line by line. After images are still a major issue for me, before my more major issues started I remember having very bad dark vision and significant after images (bright text on a black background the most obvious example). It amazes me that people can choose to use such a contrast of colours, especially on teh comptuer screen. It's much milder when it's black text on a white backgruond, but even now I can still notice a lot of afterimages and flickering just as I type this message.

I think I'd lose a leg if it meant getting perfect vision.

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