Back payment for CXL?

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Back payment for CXL?

Postby CrippsCorner » Thu 21 Jan 2016 9:50 am

Hello... bit of a weird situation here.

When I had CXL performed (once in 2013 and once in 2014) I was told that it wasn't available on the NHS in my area; the hospital had applied several times but had been denied funding.

I decided to try and get somewhere myself and contacted my local CCG. Emails went backwards and forwards for weeks between us, including backing from my optometrist and consultant. To be honest I found the CCG to be pretty useless, usually just telling me they'd 'get back to me' with some information. Anyway, the due date came and went without anything concrete, despite me following it up several times. I had to pay... and then just forgot about it.

However, and here's where it gets interesting (and frustrating) talking to my optometrist this week, I found out they can provide CXL on the NHS now. I asked when that started... two months after mine! Now I was told by the CCG that they wouldn't be able to provide funding on an individual basis, only if it was a complete policy change for every patient. Basically, I think there's a chance all this is now happening because of what I started (considering they denied funding every time before my application) which has you can imagine is pretty annoying.

I probably won't get anywhere but I'm going to look into getting some back payment on this. Luckily I work at the hospital so know some pretty high up people... I've not had a chance to speak to anyone yet but will do soon. I'm also going to try and get back in touch with the CCG, although I've now lost the contact details (emails get deleted after 12 months!)

I know this is a bit of a rare situation but was wondering if anyone had been through anything similar and had any advice?


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