Bilateral CXL done!

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Bilateral CXL done!

Postby NorthernStar » Fri 26 Dec 2014 6:51 am

After much stressing and thinkng I finally went ahead with cross linking in both eyes! Here's a little update if you find it useful:

Procedure: pain free, took about an hour.
Day 0: on way back from hospital was very sensitive to light and very blurry - I had someone take me home otherwise would not have managed. Once I got home the anaesthetic drops had worn off and the pain started. I knew it was going to be bad and it was. More anaesthetic, analgesic drops and tablets took the edge off it. Tried to get some sleep through the pain.
Day 1: woke up and worst of pain had gone. Didn't need tablets any more but continued with painkilling drops. Vision very blurry and light sensitive - couldn't read packaging on eye drops for example so needed help. Slept most of day.
Days 2 & 3: steadily less blurry but still not good enough to read. Again just slept most of it.
Day 4: bandage lens out. Still very blurry. Some halo/statburst/glare
Day 5: improvement. Can read although get sore eyes after short period. Night vision still messed up.
Day 5-10: steady improvement every day. I can now read ok (well similar to pre op without glasses) but my prescription has definetly changed. Night vision still not perfect but ok.

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