Have you ever had a VDU risk assessment at work?

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Steven Williams
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Have you ever had a VDU risk assessment at work?

Postby Steven Williams » Thu 01 May 2014 5:00 pm

I am prompted to create this thread by Gareth who in his recent posts has regularly referred to the regulations requiring employers to carry out VDU assessments.

Incredibly this is not even referred to on our charity's Factsheet for employers which I provided to my former employer upon commencement of my contract in 2007 and in June 2013 they dismissed me following one years application of constructive dismissal tactics and abuse after I informed them in May 2012 that I had
put my name down on the NHS corneal transplant waiting list.


Has any KCer ever had this done (a) without requesting it and how often is it done? (b) having to request it and how often is it done?

Has any KCer requested/suggested it and just been ignored?

My understanding of the regulations is that it has to be done annually.
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Re: Have you ever had a VDU risk assessment at work?

Postby GarethB » Fri 02 May 2014 6:50 am

Good subject Steven.

My employer sends out a self assessment every two years, but in my case because of a work related upper limb disorder and KC my review is annually and if anything changes, then a full 1:1 assessment is done.

I think one reason the Display Screen Equipment Regulations aren't often discussed on any vision forum is because they were implemented to address the issue of work related upper limb disorder due to the high number of typists suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome. Since the introduction of the regulations they now take in to account posture and work environment to help reduce back problems from sedentary working and general stress by trying to make the work environment a better place. Consequence is that for people with KC and / or dry eyes often also benefit from such an assessment.

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