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Kate Love

Postby Kate Love » Thu 21 Jun 2001 1:00 pm

I also wear only one lens (at the moment!) My eyes always seem red, except when flourosine has been put in and they go a rather unnerving shade of green! I haven't come up with any answers though. As for the dizziness, could it be due to excess of alcohol???!!!

Robert Smith

Postby Robert Smith » Thu 21 Jun 2001 2:43 pm

Dear All
Have found the recent discussions interesting - especially the comment about when to have a graft. I have had KC for over 25 years but it was quite slight until about a year ago when the sight in the left eye deteriorated badly to the point where I cannot even see the top line of the chart or sometimes the chart itself. I have decided to go for a graft and am waiting to go in.

I do have good sight in my other eye so it is not all bad but I would love to have stereo vision - again!



Postby Barney » Fri 22 Jun 2001 5:51 pm

Hi Robert,

I'm sure you've made the right decision. I know I did when I had my left eye done a few years back.

It's a slightly daunting prospect I know especially as there's no going back. When I went in, the bod in the next bed kept telling me of all the problems he'd had since his graft - but mainly because he kept getting into drunken brawls and being punched in the eye. I came quite close to grabbing my Lucozade and running out before they came for me. And of course the surgeons give all the solemn warnings as they're obliged to do.

But in fact it's been brilliant and well worth all the hassle. Good luck to you when your appointment comes up.


Postby laura » Sun 24 Jun 2001 5:56 pm

Hi there 20-30yr old people w/ KC,

This is my first real attempt to contact others with KC.

I'd VERY MUCH like 2 hear from anyone, of a similar age 2 me, who suffers with KC and is finding it hard finding work. I started having problems with the wearing of KC lenses at 17 during a level exams.

Also is there anyone who has eczema and keratoconus. My eyes are often itchy and uncomfortable most of the time even with my eye drops and ointment put in routinely. I wear sclerals at the moment and often have significant visual problems and headaches, although I shouldn't complain too much as I do have gr8 Ken! (Moorfields) as my doctor. xx

Nigel Alltimes

Postby Nigel Alltimes » Mon 25 Jun 2001 7:23 am

I have had Keratoconus for about fifteen years and have usually doubted the competence of my opticians as I have changed, whenever I have moved.

My current optician is retiring and I really want to find someone that I believe in. Does anyone know how I can find a list of specialists.

I live in Gloucestershire.

Kristian Tizzard

Postby Kristian Tizzard » Mon 25 Jun 2001 1:07 pm

I have KC in both eyes and wear a rgp lens in the right eye. I have had a recurring infection of the upper eyelid which has been treated with Brolene, and then 1000mg of flucoxicilin daily over a two week period. Despite this the infection seems incurable and I am reluctant to have it removed surgically because of the risk of further infection. Does any one have any tips on methods of clearing eye infections? I have tried hot spooning, have always had a balanced diet,don't smoke and remain very fit at the age of 27, but I have run out of ideas after having this for over 3 months ( last year it was 6)!!!

Kate Love

Postby Kate Love » Mon 25 Jun 2001 2:55 pm

I can sympathize with eye infections. I have have suffered from several infections, bouts of GPC (giant papilliary conjunctivitis} and the odd cyst! Luckily I have a fab optician locally, and he usually sorts me {and my doctor}out!! I use opticrom eye drops all the time, but sometimes need courses of antibiotic drops and cream. These seem far more effective that Brolene.

Is anyone else suffering more at the moment as the hayfever season is upon us?


Postby Steve » Mon 25 Jun 2001 5:11 pm

Nigel, not sure which side of the Severn you live on, but you could try Peter Garwood whose based in Monmouth. Peter has been studying KC for over 20 years and was recommended to me.

Ian - Oxfordshire

Postby Ian - Oxfordshire » Mon 25 Jun 2001 5:49 pm

Hi all,

I have been searching the net for latest news stories regarding KC and by searching for "Keratoconus June 2001" Ken's name has come up a few times on various conferences. "Avoiding the Knife" etc. Good stuff.

What I am keen to know is how far along the road are we with the research at Bristol - in reality are we looking at 2 years or 20 years / cure or prevention ?

Will Epicon (when it arrives again in the UK) help in some cases ? Anyone know when it will return (http://www.ultravision.com) ?

Finally Ken or others - do you receive the Journal - "Contact Lens and Anterior Eye" as they seem to have an article on KC and back optics etc... Journal: Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 01 May 2000, vol. 23, no. 2 pp. 48-52

Everyone - Hope the summer sun isn't causing too much grief - keep blinking and re-wetting.

Take care all.

Ian - Oxfordshire

Postby Ian - Oxfordshire » Mon 25 Jun 2001 5:50 pm

URL for that publication is :


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