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Postby Jay » Thu 19 Apr 2001 4:02 pm


What are they like in getting and and out compared to Corneals and Softperms, which is what I have used

Matthew Blackmore

Postby Matthew Blackmore » Thu 19 Apr 2001 4:18 pm

Hi all just like to say what an informative and stimulating day I had at the KC Conference last month in London. Hope there will be another one next year.

p.s is there anyone out there that lives in Swindon in Wiltshire and has KC?

Ken Pullum

Postby Ken Pullum » Thu 19 Apr 2001 7:19 pm

Steve and Sue and a few others from the guest book were asking if their children were likely to be affected. Moorfields is looking at the genetics of KC at the moment, but I think they have a long job on their hands. We don't seem to see many KCs whose parents were also affected. That could be because there is more reported now, like some other conditions which are said to be on the increase. So the parents may not have had KC diagnosed, or they may not have developed it at all. It could be a bit of both, but the picture points to not a serious incidence of parent to children inheritance. Brothers and sisters ... that is a different matter. There are quite a few. This suggests KC appears sporadically in one generation then seems to disappear, which is the pattern for two unaffected carriers forming a partnership, the children of which may be affected or may be carriers. A KC sufferer probably has to meet a non-affected KC carrier to produced children with KC which is not a high risk, but the children are likely to be carriers. That was the long answer, the short one is don't worry about it too much.

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Kate Love

Postby Kate Love » Fri 20 Apr 2001 1:28 pm

I have been wearing sclerals since August last year and now realise that I should have been wearing them for years!! At the moment I have one in my right eye but ken has now ordered one for my left eye which will be the first time I have had any real vision in that eye. I find them really comfortable and it doesn't fall out and it isn't very easy to lose! I wear mine all day - up to 16 hours (sometimes more sometimes less). Good luck with them and let us know how you get on.


Postby Jay » Fri 20 Apr 2001 1:54 pm


What was your vision when using RGPs? and how much more improved it it now with Scl?


Postby Whiteduck » Sat 21 Apr 2001 11:59 am

Hi all,

Has anyone heard much about Wavefront analysis or Abberation Management ?

In the UK I have heard of SAM (TM) lenses - http://www.clpi.co.uk but just wondered if anyone uses them or knows more.

Also Epicon are big news in the USA - apparently several years ago they were launched here but due to the material used they could bind to the cornea so were discontinued. I believe they plan to relaunch soon - anyone aware of more info ? It seems insertion is similar to Sclerals where you have to fill the lens with saline avoiding air bubbles.

Bye for now.
Best regards


Postby Whiteduck » Sat 21 Apr 2001 12:00 pm


Postby Alex » Sun 22 Apr 2001 6:32 pm

You alright Freddy?



Postby freddy » Tue 24 Apr 2001 11:22 am

Dear Alex and all

I have had a check up 10days after the op and Mr Stephenson pronounced himself pleased! He reminded me again that recovery to best eye sight will be slow. I feel quite well though I do get tired/headache if I try to read for more than 15-20 minutes every two or three hours.

Before my op I could not really see where the eye chart was and could not count fingers with my bad eye. So I was pleased to be able to see the chart, and some sort of smudges where the letters are, and then to count three fingers belonging to the nurse. I am continuting with antibiotic drops for a few more days only and the steroid drops at least until I see him in a month.

I wear an eye shield at night. Sexy eh! How long is that needed, do those of you who have had a graft think? Also I was advised to wash my eye with coolled boiled water and cotton wool. How long for that?

It does seem a miracle that I can see this much, thanks to a very brave decision made by some bereaved family a few weeks ago. Clever surgery eh!

I find books on tape and the radio are good. I am also a little less "cabin crazy" now I have told exercise is OK.

Keep well all. Freddy

Ian Pearson

Postby Ian Pearson » Tue 24 Apr 2001 12:31 pm

Freddy after my graft in 1990 the patch stayed on at night for a month one eye rub or elbow from a sleeping partner can cause untold damage. The trick is to get off steroids as soon as possible as long term they cause Glaucoma. After stiches breaking bouts of rejection and corrective surgery I have been fine for 8 years and wear a hard lens on the graft eye for 14 hours a day without problem and can read the bottom line on the chart. It may take months for your vision to become stable and a bit of a journey before things stabalise but it's worth it

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