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Tony Stigle

Postby Tony Stigle » Wed 28 Mar 2001 10:49 am

136 hits last week!.. Phew!..
Good to see the conference going so well... I want to try the Microsoft net meeting as a possible live chat room... May be for a weekly on line live chat! time .. has anybody any experience with it.. what do you know?.. Any volunteers to contact me to try it... ( net-meeting comes with windows and can be found in start/programs /accessories / communications....

Alex Perkins

Postby Alex Perkins » Thu 29 Mar 2001 11:47 am

pparently they will be with me for 6 months yet.

However, good news. The procedure worked so well that a couple of the nurses had to look twice to see which eye had been done. A visiting consultant (nice oriental guy but I missed his name) had to be convinced the operation was only a week ago. I must admit I feel great. Of course, just because the vision has begun to return so fast doesn't mean it will ever be perfedt but to find I could read number plates from five paces with the bad eye (allready better than pre-op) is fantastic.
God this feels good.
I'll let you know how it progresses.



Postby freddy » Thu 29 Mar 2001 12:50 pm


Your posting about your op is such a breath of fresh air! You sound so upbeat and positive. My op is 9th April and I am ready for it but unsure! I hope I am as lucky as you!

I am in Northamptonshire, any other KC-ers near here?


Sue Ingram

Postby Sue Ingram » Fri 30 Mar 2001 12:47 pm

Hello All, Its your friendly neighbourhood agony aunt here! Alex's op (DLK) sounded so good and he is so positive, I wanted to find out more about the procedure, so I asked Ken. Here are his comments:-

DLK is type of corneal transplant. The idea is to leave the deepest layer of the original cornea in place to reduce the problem of rejection. It is much more difficult to carry out, and there are some interface problems between
the old cornea and the new sometimes. A full penetrating transplant can still be done if it fails, but the argument against early surgery still applies since there are still complications. It is hopeful that long term
results may be better, and it is a good surgical development, although not new. Recent attempts are claimed to have improved over the early lamella keratoplasty procedures. Don't rush into it, but it is an alternative for KC.

Good luck Alex, sounds like yours has been a success - keep us up-to-date with your progress.


Kate Love

Postby Kate Love » Fri 30 Mar 2001 2:09 pm

Well the end of another week at work. Last week was quite eventful on the eye front...a visit to Ken in Hertford(very positive)...a cat scratch to my better eye and 6 hours in Kent & Canterbury casualty on Sunday (not so positive) Anyway, I have spoken to people about the DLK surgery, from what I gather it has less risk of rejection, but the end result isn't always as good - it's really encouraging to hear such positive comments - keep us posted on your progress, Alex!!

There seem to be quite a few of us in Kent - anyone fancy meeting up for coffee/lunch in Canterbury?


Postby justine » Fri 30 Mar 2001 3:42 pm

hello everyone, i think thats a greeat idea kate, i live in margate and would love to have a little meeting in canterbury, it would be nice to meet all the KCers of kent,


Postby Alex » Fri 30 Mar 2001 4:33 pm

Yes coffee's an excellent idea. I can't wait. How do you want to arrange it? Is email best? I'm on alex@perkins24.fsnet.co.uk. But is Canterbury central to all of us? Let me know.



Postby justine » Fri 30 Mar 2001 4:38 pm

canterbury is ok for me, you can get at justinesmall@aol.com
is canterbury ok for everyone else, we could make it 6mnthly thing, or something


Postby Rachel » Sat 31 Mar 2001 12:25 am

Hi Freddy

I am in Warwickshire so maybe not that far - although without transport even a few miles is far enough! I had my right eye done in 1987 - didn't know what was happening, it was all so fast ...I was first seen by a consultant on the Tuesday and had the graft on the Saturday (apparently it was really bad but because I'd always had poor sight in that eye I didn't even know!) Not sure what's happening with the left eye - it definitely has KC and is getting worse but not bad enough yet for surgery..unfortunately I can't wear contacts at all so I am having problems because although the first graft was a success as far as the KC was concerned it didn't cure the other problems - not even the ingrowing toenails and chronic fatigue caused by overwork.... funny that! You'll be fine though, I know things are even better now than when I had mine - good luck!


Postby Alex » Sat 31 Mar 2001 2:00 am

Hi Freddy

I really believe in positive thought and know it helps when it comes to recovery. We'll all be thinking of you on the 9th aand I've put a note in my diary to remind me!

Where are you having the op? Do you know yet if it is Am or Pm?

Good luck!


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