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Kate Love

Postby Kate Love » Wed 21 Feb 2001 6:36 am

I was diagnosed with KC about 9 yrs ago. I now wear a scleral lens in my right eye, but nothing in the left as this has very little vision at all(as a result of KC and other things!) - added to which I have recently had squint corrective surgery to that eye! Unfortunately my lsst visit to Moorfields wasn't particularly successful- despite trying everything, Ken Pullum etc are unable to correct my vision sufficiently, so I am now faced with selling my car - and it feels like my independence at the moment!!! There is reluctance to do a corneal transplant as the limited vision in my left eye means a rejection in the right would be pretty disasterous. Has anyone out there had similar set backs or get any advice of other things to try? Still, as a friend of mine said "Look on the bright side, you don't have to worry about drinking and driving!"
I think this website is brilliant.


Postby freddy » Wed 21 Feb 2001 3:06 pm

Hi I am new to this list. I was diagnosed with KC in December 1999 and will have a transplant in April. I am at the stage where it affects my life alot. I do get good - well OK - vision with a contact lens but just can't wear it enough! Driving is a trial and I do not drive after dark so life in the winter is limited.

Tony Stigle

Postby Tony Stigle » Thu 22 Feb 2001 5:52 am

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Postby martine » Sat 24 Feb 2001 11:59 am

My daughter (25) has just been diagnosed KC with acute hydrops. Her vision in that eye is severely impaired and she can only make out shapes close up. Saline drops given at a local casualty were severely inflammatory and now she is on steroid drops. She has weekly appts at canterbury hospital but they will not refer her to Moorfields until hydrops resolved. I would like to hear from anyone in
Kent area who can offer any help/advice/support. Thankyou

Sue Ingram

Postby Sue Ingram » Sat 24 Feb 2001 6:13 pm

Dear Kate Love, after discussions with Ken, it might be possible for you to try some of the options that he has been helping me with over the past two years. Please email me as soon as possible on sue.ingram@virgin.net and I can forward the info on to you. You seem to be suffering a a bit lately so there is a possibility that it might help.

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