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Scleral contact lenses

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Many people with keratoconus are very happy with Scleral lenses. They are often quite scary to look at for the first time, as they are much larger than other contact lenses, typically being about 25mm in diameter.

Modern sclerals are made out of the same material as the smaller corneal RGP lenses, so sufficient oxygen can easily reach the cornea.

The lens is large because it either makes no contact, or just a glancing contact, with the cornea, sitting on the white of the eye (called the sclera). The lens is filled with saline creating a liquid lens which evens out the bumps in the keratoconic cornea quite effectively. The lack of physical contact with the cornea makes theses lenses surprisingly comfortable to wear, although insertion and removal can be quite tricky until you've got used to them.

More information on sclerals can be found at sclerals.com, the website of the manufacturer.


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