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KC Group Newsletter Summer 2004


West Midlands Group

Marian Bargery writes…

 “The group met on 24 January 2004. There were fifteen members present together with a few relatives. Jacqui Lamb from the Optometry Department at Birmingham City Eye Hospital kindly came to host a question and answer session.

The discussion covered the difference between a partial (lamella) and full corneal graft (eg can a contact lens be fitted any earlier on a partial graft). The answer was that it still took the same amount of time whichever type of graft you had. She explained about the kerisoft lens and the “Piggyback” system. At this point she circulated samples of lenses, including those mentioned, together with a scleral lens. We were fortunate to have Tony Sabell from the Eye Department with us who specialises in scleral lenses.

We all benefited from the excellent description that Jacqui gave us on the correct routine for cleaning lenses and the importance of rotating the lens in the palm of the hand using the cleaning solution. She stressed that this really was an excellent way of removing deposits as the skin together with the hand and the cleaning fluid acts as a gentle abrasive.

The session ended with several of the group looking through a “slit lamp”, the equipment the optometrists and the eye doctors use to examine our eyes. Everyone was able to see what we all have wondered was visible! The sample chosen were people who had had corneal grafts with a lens sitting over the graft.

The group was immensely grateful to Jacqui and we all felt much more knowledgeable about our condition.”


A new revised A4 version of the Keratoconus Group booklet ’Some Questions Answered’ is now available. The booklet has been updated by the author: Lynne Speedwell, senior optometrist at Moorfield’s and has been redesigned to enhance its legibility.

Copies priced £2 plus postage are available from the Group address.

Conference 2003 Report

Following the successful publication of the proceedings from our first National Conference held in 2001, the Group will soon be publishing the report from our second conference in 2003.


The highly successful discussion forum is now fully incorporated in the Group website. The forum gets on average 6 postings a day and in March postings totalled 185. Discussion continues to be lively and informative on the forum and is now organised in subject groups. You will also find separate areas for Scotland, West Midlands and the Parents Network.

Registration with the forum is free and easy, so if you are not already taking part then join in and add your voice. Sharing tips and experiences is one of the best ways to give support to those with keratoconus.

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