hello im new here

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danny gas perm
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hello im new here

Postby danny gas perm » Thu 19 Jan 2012 8:36 pm

hi im new on this site but not new to my eyes giving me gyp at times. i wear hard lenses as well as glasses and was wondering is 10 hours wear a day ok as after this i do sometimes feel a bit stingy. also does anyone get their lenses to fit so well that they forget that they are wearing them as thisismy aim. i dont feel them whiling jogging, maybe the wind in my eyes....maybe? also some days are better than other depending on solution amount or no grit ingress, but it always seems to be my right eye that feels the lens cut slightly on the lower part of my eye. i went baclk to the eye hospital and they examined me but said the fit i fine. any advice greatly appreciated.

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Andrew MacLean
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Re: hello im new here

Postby Andrew MacLean » Tue 24 Jan 2012 7:23 am

Hello Danny, I didn't see you lurking in "help and advice". I have moved your post to the general discussion forum where it will attract more hits.

I am sorry that you seem to be having a difficult time with RGP lenses, but it should be possible for your contact lens practitioner to find another lens type or design that will better suit your eyes.

I am sure that there will be somebody along in a moment who can give more comprehensive advice.

Every good wish.

Andrew MacLean

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